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Resort Finest stands for slow fashion. Sustainability is one of our hallmarks. Sustainability for a better future. We do this by, among other things, attaching great value to our production process. 


We therefore work with mainly European producers (Italy and Portugal). This also prevents intercontinental distances from having to be made with regard to transport, which of course causes less damage to the environment. Our producers are often smaller (family) companies where the employees receive fair salaries and good working conditions. So no child labor! 


We regularly visit our factories so that we can check these processes and quality with our own eyes. In addition, we design many stylish but also timeless styles which do not have to be thrown away after wearing a few times or after 1 season, but which can be enjoyed for years to come. Our better basics are therefore 'Never Out Of Fashion'. We use as many environmentally friendly and ethically responsible High Quality Materials as possible. So we try to produce as socially responsible as possible with love and respect for the world. A Feel Good range with a balance of good price/quality ratios and we ensure that products last longer. 


Also in day-to-day business, Resort Finest and its suppliers of materials and factories take their responsibility to protect the ecosystem and the planet for future generations. Examples of this are the minimization of (air) pollution and the reduction/minimization and reuse of waste. And so sustainable design by Resort Finest also means that we take into account every stage of the production of a garment, from design to production and finishing. We therefore closely monitor all innovations in this area. 

So we create designs that are timeless, where the wearer can last as long as possible and enjoy them.We are constantly looking for a good price/quality ratio. 

We work with the following sustainable working methods, among others:





We outsource the transport to DHL Go Green; 'Because green transport is good transport'. The climate is changing at a pace that demands action. As an organization with a global reach, DHL wants to start a positive movement. That is why they are fully committed to reducing our CO2 emissions, for example by building sustainably and in the future only driving around in electric delivery vehicles. 


We currently already use 100% recyclable materials for our packaging film (polybags) in which our garments are packed and protected, but to go one step further, we are currently making polybags that are made CO2-neutral from non-food corn starch. 100% biodegradable according to the European directive EN13432. These can be processed as compost after use. In the long term, we hope that 'sustainability' no longer needs to be mentioned, but is a starting point, just like with us. 


 “Be the change you want to see in the world”

- Gandhi -