Behind the brand

Our Design Philosophy

We aspire to refine daily life by creating components that embody feminine-minimalism and laid-back luxury in order to create a conscious and slow lifestyle in a busy world.

Our Work Ethic

We keep our collections simple and strong. With the environment in mind we introduce new colors and styles one at a time. This way we avoid waste, and respect the pace of our production.

Our Quality

At Resort Finest we keep quality the main component of the brand, not trends. We want you to wear our pieces for years. Therefore we source the finest materials to craft the highest quality products.

Our Vision 

At Resort Finest we believe that great design can change the way people see their world: A great outfit can make mornings an opportunity, a serene livingroom can excite and ease those who live there.

Our Carbon Footprint

Our creations are designed in the Netherlands and produced in Italy and Belgium. Using local materials and work with skilled craftspeople, we support European manufacturing. We believe in the power and future of slow fashion. With fast fashion speeding up trends and shortening seasons and piling up in our landfills, we wanted to create a range of products that could outlast the trends.