Brand Story

Who is she ?

She is cool : She changs her sneakers for heels after a day of work ( but keeps her favourite sweater on) to grab a glass of wine in the bar.

She loves a good coffee in the morning, a tea on a sunday and a good wine at dinner.

She is a mom,wife or friend : she a woman and she loves it.

She loves to spend time on herself. She creates her own little space were she can relax. If she doesn’t find the time, she makes it, for she knows one cannot pour from an empty cup.

She loves the coast. Wheter it’s the Amalfi of the Northsea - that’s the place where she unwinds.

She reads and she loves the tactility of a real book or magazine. She reads about travels, food, homes and people.

She can go fast. She has all these great ideas but.. she knows how to balance and loves lazy sundays- outdoors or indoors.

She loves natural products and minimalistic art.

She is focussed on her goals but sometimes her mind drifts off to far places and daydreams about exploring the world.